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Our Griddles come in 3 sizes 30" 36" and 48" and contain 2, 3 and 4 burners respectively. The burners operate at a high output and are fully adjustable in order to give the exact temperature you require. They are also designed to disperse the heat over a wide area insuring no cold spots. The body is constructed in an attractive brushed finished stainless steel and has been designed to be user friendly with cleaning and future maintainance in mind.

The cooking service is fabricated from 8mm hot rolled mild steel with folded front and back edges guaranteeing absolutely no distortion. Waste and excess oil can be removed easily via the stainless steel gutter to the front of the cooking surface and stored in the large waste drawer situated to the left.

Designed and manufactured entirely in house by SMS Catering Trailers, our griddles are fully C.E certified, have been rated A for effeciency and we are confident you won't find cheaper griddles for sale anywhere else in the UK. Fitting is available, as are a full range of spare parts.

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