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Catering Trailer - Frequently Asked Questions

We have found that many of our customers have similar questions about our catering trailers and other catering equipment. Therefore we have produced this section of the website to answer many of the questions you might have.

Can I choose the internal layout of my catering trailer?

Yes, we work closely with our customers to ensure that you have the exact layout that you require. We can also provide advice and support for those who aren't sure. Please contact us for more information.

Are spare parts available?

Yes, we can offer spare parts for all catering trailers and equipment we supply.

Do you offer sign writing?

We can arrange sign writing to your exact requirements. Additional costs will apply.

Do your catering trailers only come in white?

The majority of our customers prefer to have the catering trailer in white, however we can build catering trailers in any colour. Please contact us with your requirements.

Do the catering trailers come with a gas safety certificate?

Our catering trailers are built to the highest standards. We can arrange for a Corgi Registered Inspector to certify the catering trailer if required. Additional costs will apply.

Does the catering trailer come with any guarantee/warranty?

We offer a 12 month guarantee with our catering trailers, subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us for more information.

Can you install equipment from other manufacturers?

We can install any equipment that you want. Just let us know.

Can you fit a twin axle on the Road Trader Mini (8ft)?

The 8ft catering trailer is normally on a single axle, but we can produce a double axle 8ft catering trailer if required.

Can a single axle go on a Road Trader Midi (10ft)?

Whilst this is not recommended, we can fit a 10ft catering trailer with a single axle. This might be relevant for 'sited' catering trailers that are moved very infrequently.